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Chris Barrus has seperate sites for Spacemen 3, Spectrum and Spiritualized (his Alpha Stone site doesn't seem to have survived the transition from No-Fi). These sites should be the first port of call for any Spacefan. Chris has also set up a mailing list for all things Spacemen related - you can join up here.
Space Age Recordings is the current home of Sonic's output, and their other bands are also worth checking out. Also the source of the ongoing Spacemen 3 reissues, and you can but Spacemen 3 T-shirts too!
( ( ( ((( SONIC BOOM ))) ) ) ) Sonic's site, long-awaited and finally here. Potted historys of Spacemen 3, Spectrum and EAR, news from the man himself, stuff to buy and more. Now with very trippy front page!
The official Spiritualized website has been overhauled post-"Amazing Grace", and includes audio and video content, news, stuff to buy and more. There's also a message board with a fair bit of Spacemen content (and a dedicated Spacemen 3 section).
Pete Bain has progressed from the Darkside through Alphastone and beyond - keep up with his latest news. Note - as of June 2004 this appears to be dead, but I'm keeping it here in case it comes back to life.
Former Spacemen 3 and Spiritualized bassist Will Carruthers is still makings new sounds, and has a site where you can find out all about them and him. Lots of nice stuff, including mp3 downloads and a forum.

Two bands for the price of one from former Spacemen guitarist Mark Refoy. There are free mp3s on both sites.
Also still making music is Sterling "Rosco" Roswell. Here is some info about his latest project.
Fantastic Spacemen 3 retrospective from a few years back.
Very nice Spacemen-centered interview with Sonic here.
And here's another one, about the Spacemen 3 book.
This site looks interesting - perhaps any Japanese readers can tell me if it's any good.

This is just a taster. If there's a site you think I should list, do let me know.